Uniting in the act of Brotherhood, under the Fatherhood of God
For the assistance and betterment of the Lebanese Community

August 4th, 2020, 6:07PM

A massive explosion in the main city port shook the Lebanese capital of Beirut leaving:

Dead or missing
Of Billion dollars in Losses

The explosion levelled buildings near the port and caused widespread destruction over much of the rest of the city. The scale of the damage caused by the blast left buildings miles from the port explosion in ruin. The blast comes at a terrible time for Lebanon, which is on the brink of financial collapse facing a disastrous economic crisis.

F.A.C.T. Lebanon acts by the Masonic Tenet of Relief, and has accordingly launched this initiative to provide compensation to Brethren and individuals who were directly affected by the disaster. 
The endeavour to create this Relief Fund is the result of the combined will and efforts of the District and Lodges in Lebanon holding of the three Regular Masonic Jurisdictions, in line with the Concordat signed January 2020

Under the Jurisdiction of

How are we going to help?

Health related

To support individuals who have suffered injuries or physical disability (hospitalisation, medicine and medical equipment)

Rebuilding & relocation

To support in home refurbishing and restoration, and loss of business/economic damage of offices and business structures.


To support the families, widows and orphans of victims following the death of the breadwinner


To cover the expenses and logistics of support teams who will come in aid in the rebuilding process and in the medical assistance (therapists, engineers & architects)

The Fund will follow strict rules with regards to processes and transparency in the resource and information for eligibility criteria, the methodology used to calculate economic and non-economic loss and compensation payment procedures.

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How to Donate

For Wire Transfers, please find the information below:

International transfers:

Beneficiary Name: Pythagoras Cultural Society
Bank Name: Bank of Beirut
Bank Branch: Gefinor
Account #: 1140110568201
Swift Code: BABELBBE
IBAN #: LB14007500000001140110568201
Purpose of transfer: BeirutDonation

Domestic transfers in LBP (within Lebanon):

Beneficiary Name: Pythagoras Cultural Society
Bank Name: Bank of Beirut
Bank Branch: Gefinor
Account #: 0140110568201
Swift Code: BABELBBE
IBAN #: LB06007500000000140110568201
Purpose of transfer: BeirutDonation

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